Layers are the backbone of high quality and visually superior content, it allows you to add multiple types of content in a single frame and hence you can create unique and mesmerizing visuals. If you want to improve the quality of your content and create better visuals than your competitors then you must learn How to move Layers and group layers in Alight Motion APK as well as have a firm grip on how to group layers in Alight Motion Pro APK. This guide will help you to understand the concept of layering in detail and to learn how to use it on your projects.

Layering feature of Alight Motion APK open up a lot of options for you where you can have multiple layers in a single frame and all of these layers could have multiple elements, for instance you can have an animation in one layer and a video clip in another layer and at the same time you can add an info-graphics in third layer and you can have different settings or a separate pivot point for each layer and still show all of these three layers in one video frame.

This functionality is game-changer for people who wants to add multiple details to their content and likes to play with animations, effects, presets, transitions as well as background audios in their project. Let’s explore the basics of Layers and the guide to use it in Alight Motion APK.

What are Alight Motion layers and How to move and group layers in Alight Motion APK

What are Layers in Alight Motion APK?

Layers are one of the main features of Alight Motion APK which allows you to add multiple elements in them and then all of the different elements could be combined and used together. This function enables the content creators to add details and aesthetics to their content.

There could be two main layers a video layers and an audio layer. The video layers contains all of the visual elements like images, fonts, video clips, animations, effects, transitions and much more and these different elements could be used in separate layers and then they could be grouped together whereas the audio layer contains background music or voiceovers used in a video.

How to Group layers in Alight Motion APK

In order to group layers in Alight Motion APK we have to create layers first and then we will group them together, follow the steps below to create layers in Alight Motion APK:

Step 1: Create layers in Alight Motion APK?

As advanced as the functionality of layers are it is comparatively easy to create layers in Alight Motion APK, follow these simple steps to create layers in Alight Motion APK:

  • Click on the Alight Motion APK in your device to run the app
  • Open the app and sign-in to your Alight Motion account
  • Tap on the Project to create a new project
  • Click on green colored + icon and then tap on shape
  • Now select any two to three elements and it will create a layer for each element
  • Now arrange your layers in a way how you want to show them
  • Save your project and you now you know how to create layers in Alight Motion APK

Now that you have successfully created layers in Alight Motion APK let’s explore how to group them together to make them easily manageable.

Step 2: Group layers in Alight Motion APK

Grouping different layers makes it easy for us to handle them together, if we have five layers and we want to do one action for all of these five layers like we have to move all five of them to same place so instead of handling all five layers separately we could group them and move them to other place together, this could save our time as well as improve your efficiency and productivity.

It is very easy to group layers together simply follow the steps below to avoid any complications:

  • Create as much layers as you want following steps mentioned above
  • Now select all of the layers you want to group together either by pressing control button on your keyboard or by dragging your mouse
  • Look for group option at the bottom of your screen and tap on it, you have successfully grouped these selected layers

How to ungroup layers in Alight Motion APK

Sometimes people group wrong layers together and then they are clueless on how to ungroup these layers to select the correct layers again. Don’t worry if you have grouped wrong layers together, simply follow these steps to ungroup your layers:

  • Click on the grouped layers and you will see multiple editing options
  • Click on three dots and look for ungroup option
  • Tap on the ungroup option and your layers will be successfully ungrouped

How to move layers in Alight Motion APK?

There are many benefits and reasons to move layers in Alight Motion APK, so let’s explore a few benefits of moving layers and then we will learn how to move layers in Alight Motion APK:

Benefits of Moving Layers in Alight Motion APK

For Visual hierarchy

First understand the hierarchy of layers in Alight Motion APK, whenever you combine two or more things together there will always be some hierarchy of representation of these things like which layer should be shown at the top and which will come at second place and which layer will act as a background layer, to understand this concept in detail you must learn the concept of masking in Alight Motion APK. You can move a certain layer up and down based upon your requirements.

To apply a grouped action

Another important benefit of grouping layer is to apply settings on all of these layers simultaneously, each of these layers will have separate elements like animations, keyframes, effects etc. and if for instance you want to apply some settings on all of these settings then instead of implementing those changes on each layer separately you can first group those layers and then apply the changes on that grouped layer for single time.

Methods of moving layers in Alight Motion APK

Follow the method mentioned below to move layers in Alight Motion APK easily:

Method No 1: By Using Move Tool

Select the grouped layer and then select the layer which you want to move up or down, now click on the move tool from the toolbar on top of screen. Now click on the three horizontal lines at the end of a layer and drag it to its new position.

Method no 2: Use Arrow keys of your keyboard

You can move your layers by clicking the arrow keys of your keyboard and it is useful for small changes like moving layers up and down, follow steps below to use this method:

  • Choose the layer that you want to move
  • Now press the up arrow from your keyboard if you want to move that layer one step up
  • Same way if you press left button then it will move your layer left side and it will increase the duration of your video

Method no 3: Using Transform Tool

Transform properties allow us to do certain actions for our selected element like rotate, move, scale and flip. We can use these properties to move our layers in Alight Motion APK. Rotate tool can help you rotate the layer, Scale could give you an option to scale your layer, with the help of flip properties you can flip your layer in any side you want and in the same way you can move your layer with the help of move properties of transform tool.

Tips and Tricks of to use and move layers smoothly

The functionality of layers is very easy to understand and this guide is crafted in a way that these concepts will be easier for you but you must follow these tips to create something that will standout:


The concept of layering is very important to learn if you want to excel in this field and create something that could standout, surely this guide will has helped you understand how to move and group layers in Alight Motion APK, follow the tips given as much as you can and polish your layering skills to create visually appealing content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click on your layer and press delete button from your keyboard or right click on your layer and select delete option.

Click on your layer and drag the corners of your layer to change its size or you can also use transform properties to change the size of your layers.

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