Have you ever thought that your animations or videos don’t look as refined as your competitors? You must have heard that pivot points could help you make your content aesthetically superior but you must be wondering how to move pivot point in Alight Motion Mod APK and how it could be beneficial for your content. Well this is a common concern of many seasoned Content creators and the answer to that is easier then what you have imagined.

Many people don’t even know what the pivot points are let alone using this feature to improve their content’s quality. This article will provide you a brief introduction to pivot points as well as an easy to follow guide to move pivot point in Alight Motion APK. Let’s start our learning journey to improve your content’s quality.

How to move Pivot Point in Alight Motion APK

What is a Pivot Point in Alight Motion APK?

There are many names that could be associated with pivot points like a reference point, anchor point, rotation points, a fixed point around which an animation moves or around which the specified changes occur. Pivot Point is also a joint between two layers, if you are not familiar with layering concept in Alight Motion then you must get familiar with Layers in Alight Motion Mod APK.

Layers are one of the most useful and impactful features of Alight Motion APK because it allows you to add multiple details using many layers in one piece of content let it be an animation, video or an image etc. You can add text, images, animations, effects, transitions and other useful elements in a single video by using multiple layers and these layers are joined together by pivot points. We could also create different animation rotations in multiple layers and then connect them using pivot points.

We could assign an action to a pivot point to create certain changes to the layers connected to that pivot point, those changes are made by keeping that pivot point as a reference point to those changes. You should also learn how to mask in Alight Motion to add more details to your layers and make your content engaging for your audience.

How to Move Pivot Point in Alight Motion APK?

As complex as it may sound, it is very easy to change the pivot point in Alight Motion APK. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any trouble in your pivot point altering experience:

  • Run the Alight Motion APK on your smartphone and Sign in to your account
  • Open an existing project or create a new project on Alight Motion APK
  •  Add elements for which you want to move the pivot point like layer, image, animation etc. you can also import a project in XML Format.
  • Now select the element for which you want to move the pivot point like a layer, image text etc.
  • When you select an element you will see multiple editing options for that specific element, now look for “transform or properties” option for that element.
  • Transform or properties option normally provide us editing options like position, rotation, scalability etc. look for “pivot point” or “anchor point” option and tap on it
  • Once you select pivot point option you will see an anchor point on your element, anchor point is normally represented by a “crosshair or a dot” similar to a gun crosshair in many firing games.
  • Now tap and hold on pivot point and drag it to its new position of your liking, you can also move it by using some values as its new position like coordinates
  • Note: Make sure the pivot point is also moving when you drag your cursor, if not then your pivot point is not changed
  • Now preview the element to see the behavior of your new pivot point and make required adjustments
  • Now tap on “Save” option to save your changes and export your project in multiple formats

Advantages of Pivot Point in Alight Motion APK

There are many practical benefits of using pivot point in Alight Motion APK, if you learn to use it properly then it could do wonders for your content whether it be an animation, image, text or any other form of content. Let’s discuss some benefits of using Pivot Point in Alight Motion APK.

Easy Editing

The position of a pivot point in animation plays a key role in its movement, you can simply change the position of the pivot point in an animation to get a new animation without creating a whole new animation.

Natural Movement

As a pivot point is considered as a reference point for all actions hence it creates a natural feel to the movements of animation rather than creating an irregular movement.

Consistent Animations

The consistent use of pivot point in animations give us consistent and fluid like animations, try to use pivot point effectively to get smoother animations.

Enhance Visual Effects of Animation

It plays a vital role in achieving visually superior aesthetics. For instance in order to create a door opening animation we have to place a pivot point at the hinge for a smoother and natural animation experience.

Animating Characters

One of the main applications of a pivot point is to create moving characters like some cartoon characters where pivot points are crucial for seamless movements of joints. In such cases we provide pivot points to the joints like elbows and knees to get smoother rotation of limbs.

Customizing Transformations

By controlling the pivot point of an element the editor can control the rotation and scalability of the element which opens up many more creative possibilities for content creators.

Tips to Master Pivot Point movements in Alight Motion APK

Using Pivot points effectively is one of the main reasons behind well detailed visual contents, try to focus on these tips to move pivot points like a Pro!

Make sure your pivot point is moved correctly

  • After you have placed your pivot point head directly to “Rotation”
  • Now try to rotate the layer
  • If the layer’s rotation behaves the way you want it to behave then your pivot point is placed accurately
  • If not then your pivot point is not placed correctly, follow steps mentioned above to move pivot point correctly

Note: If you are joining legs and arms using pivot point then there could be a case where outline will not match after a certain time, it is pretty normal so you don’t have to worry about it.

How to fix unmatched Outlines

If your outline do not match with the element then follow these steps to fix this issue:

  • Got to the transform or properties option > Pivot point symbol
  • Add Keyframes and locate it to match the outline

Where to place pivot point

If you want to place pivot point in Gacha Character body then you should place them in these points:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Both Upper Arms
  • Both Lower Arms
  • Both Thighs
  • Lower Legs

Note: The smaller the canvas size is the bigger the pivot point will be. The smallest canvas size in Alight Motion is 32.

Video Tutorial of how to use Pivot Point in Alight Motion


It is very crucial to learn how to move pivot point in Alight Motion and how it could be useful to make your content one step ahead of your competitors. This guide will provide your latest and easy to follow steps to move pivot point as well as tips to master the pivot point movements. If you have further questions or queries related to Alight Motion APK then contact-us through social media platforms or you can also add a comment in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To set the pivot point tap on that element > Transform or properties > pivot point and do your required changes

Yes, Alight Motion Mod APK does allow you to alter the position of Pivot Point. This feature allow us to fine-tune animations and make them smoother.

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