Have you ever faced a situation where you have a video project and you just want to crop it to get a well-refined aspect ratio to your liking? Alight Motion Mod APK allows you to crop or trim your projects to remove unwanted parts of your content efficiently. So if you don’t know how to trim a video in Alight Motion APK, then this guide will make it easier for you to get rid of unwanted portions of your content in an effective way.

Trimming or cropping a video could provide you with many opportunities, and if used correctly, it could offer you many applications to improve the quality and visual appeal of your content as well as to create multi-purpose content to enhance user engagement. You should learn how to use Alight Motion Pro APK and its outstanding features to improve the quality of your content.

How to Trim a Video in Alight Motion APK

Benefits of Trimming a Video in Alight Motion APK

There are many reasons for you to learn how to trim a video in Alight Motion APK and this skill could help you to save your time in many projects as well as to get rid of unwanted parts of a video in an easy way. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of trimming a video in Alight Motion APK:

Highlighting Specific Parts

Cropping allows you to cut out unwanted parts of a section of a video so that you can emphasize your main content and focus on the main element to improve user engagement.

Adjustment of Aspect Ratio

As a seasoned content creator, you must have knowledge of your targeted audience and, hence, be aware of the devices where your content will be viewed. With the help of cropping your video in Alight Motion APK, you can improve the viewing angles and viewing frame of your content by adjusting the aspect ratio of your content to match the screen sizes of your audience. Many social media platforms allow different screen sizes so you can also crop your content for multiple purposes.

Enhance the Visual Appeal of your content

Cropping could help you to improve the visual appeal of your content by enhancing the composition of your video by removing empty spaces and unwanted distractions from your content.

Zooming in on important parts

If you want to focus on certain parts to emphasize their importance, whether it be for marketing purposes or to make a point for that element, you can zoom in on those parts using the the cropping feature of Alight Motion APK.

Reducing File Size

If you want to improve the speed and efficiency of your content and make it load faster, then you must look for ways to reduce the file size of your content. Cropping could also help you to decrease the file size of your media which will ensure fast content delivery.

How to trim a video in Alight Motion APK – A step-by-step Guide!

If you want to get the above-mentioned benefits of trimming a video in Alight Motion APK, then you must learn how to trim a video in Alight Motion effectively. Try to follow the steps below to avoid facing errors or disruptions:

  • Download and install the Alight Motion Mod APK from a trusted source like https://alightmotionproapks.net
  • Run the Alight Motion APK on your phone and sign in to your Alight Motion account
  • Now add the video project that you want to trim by clicking on the “+” icon or you can import XML Format using the guidelines on our website
  • Now after you have uploaded the video on Alight Motion APK, go back home and again click on the “+” icon
  • Look for a rectangle-shaped box and click on it. Now select the video which you want to trim
  • Now you will see a rectangle shape trimming option on top of your video in Alight Motion APK
  • Move the trimming rectangle to fit the required size of your video into the viewing area
  • Now that you have made the required adjustments and finalized your trim save it
  • If you want to use this frame for the whole of your video, then slide the graph to the end of your video
  • Now you will have 4 options, click on the 3rd one to create the cropping length equal to your video length
  • Now come to the start of your video and click on the layer option
  • Click on All layers > select the middle option
  • Your video has been successfully cropped 

Video Tutorial to Trim a Video in Alight Motion APK


If you want to improve your user engagement and create visually focused content that loads up quickly, then trimming is a good option for you to explore. We have provided you a complete guide to ACE this skill and you must practice it to be a PRO at trimming videos in Alight Motion APK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, cropping means you are reducing the number of frames per square so if you view the cropped image on the same screen size, then you will see a drop in quality.

The main goal of cropping is to cut out unwanted parts of an image or video and focus on the main part or a section.

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