Alight Motion APK is one of the best Video editing applications as evidenced by its consistent 4+ rating on Google Play Store. Like every other application, Alight Motion also has its fair share of problems, but people are unable to find reliable solutions to the Alight Motion errors and bugs. If you are facing errors and bugs in Alight Motion and wondering how to fix Alight Motion errors then this guide will solve your problems because today we will discuss the most common issues and their solutions.

Many video editors and content creators use Alight Motion daily and facing some issues and bugs is part of the journey but many people struggle to find a reliable source to fix those irritating bugs. We claim to be a one-stop shop for Alight Motion, we not only provide our users with 100% working Alight Motion Pro APK files but also help you to fix the errors, and bugs as well as the guides to use its features.

How to Fix Alight Motion Errors

Alight Motion APK Errors and Solutions

Alight Motion is the first choice for many advanced users and it is very irritating when errors start to pop up, let’s explore some of the errors, their symptoms, and their possible solutions:

1: Black Screen Error


When you launch the Alight Motion app you see a black screen and the app doesn’t open up.


Black screen error is a common Alight Motion Error and you don’t have to worry about facing this issue, simply follow the easy solutions below:

  • The first solution is to force stop the app and open it again, Go to settings > Apps > Alight Motion > Force Stop.
  • Restart the Alight Motion App

2: White Screens Issue


Whenever you try to use any feature your Alight Motion Screen may start to change its colors.


It is a pretty common problem and its solution is also very easy, you can follow the solution below:

  • Close the Alight Motion APK for a while and restart it after 10-15 minutes
  • If the White screen problem is still there then restart your device and open the app again

3: RAM and CPU-related Issues


The device starts to lag when you launch the Alight Motion App.


This kind of issue arrives when your device is old and not up to date.

4: Loading Errors


Whenever you launch the Alight Motion app, the app will start loading and not proceed further.


This issue may arise if the server of the phone or the Alight Motion app is down.

  • Double-check that your internet or Wi-Fi is stable or has a fast internet
  • Switch your internet to mobile data if Wi-Fi is not working fine
  • This error could arrive if many users are using the Alight Motion app simultaneously and it could cause the app to load slower. Wait for some time and your issue will be resolved.

5: Exporting Problems


This kind of issue arrives when you try to export the video or project and the app crashes or shows any kind of error while exporting.


This is a common issue and many people struggle to resolve exporting issues of Alight Motion, follow these solutions to resolve this issue.

  • You could resolve the exporting issue by clearing up storage space
  • Clear the Cache of your app
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection
  • Install the latest Alight Motion APK version 

6: Audio and Video Loading Problem


Your videos do not open up properly and sometimes the audio of your videos doesn’t work.


This kind of issue could be because of an indirect issue or due to any other problem:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure your speakers are working fine

7: Notifications Problem


You will not see any notifications from Alight Motion App


This kind of issue occurs when you mistakenly turn notification off or mute the Alight Motion App, try these simple solutions.

  • Turn on the notifications of your Alight Motion app from the settings of your mobile device, go to settings > Apps > Alight Motion > Notification > Turn on
  • Unmute your Mobile Device

8: Sign-in Issues of Alight Motion  


This kind of issue occurs when you are not able to sign in to your Alight Motion App.


You will be able to sign in to your Alight Motion app by following these simple steps.

  • Make sure you are using the correct credentials 
  • If you have already signed in then you should log in instead of signing in

9: App Crashes on Launch


Whenever you try to launch or open the app, it crashes instantly.


Follow these steps to resolve this kind of issue:

  • Restart your device and your app will work fine
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of your mobile software
  • Uninstall this version of the app and download the latest version of Alight Motion

10: Video Rendering Issue


The video takes a lot of time to render or it won’t even render at all.


Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Check that your device meets the minimum device requirements 
  • Reduce the video quality 
  • If you have kept a lot of unused media then delete unused media from your device

11: Audio Sync Issues


The video will not sync or match with your video


12: Importing Issues


You are unable to import anything to your Alight Motion App


  • Double check the format of your import file is supported by Alight Motion App
  • Make sure that you have enough empty space left in your device
  • Restart your app 

Video Guide to fix Alight Motion Errors


Alight Motion issues are really irritating for many people and we have devised the best possible solutions to those issues, whether it be a sign-in problem or an issue with importing media to your Alight Motion app, you can simply follow these steps and make sure you share this guide with others as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This issue arrives mainly because of a corrupted app file or your device is not compatible.

If your device is lagging then the main problem could be that your device does not meet the minimum device requirements of Alight Motion.

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