If you are a seasoned Video editor who uses Alight Motion APK for your day-to-day editing or a professional content creator, then you must be looking for ways to share Alight Motion APK’s project with others, whether it be your team members, friends, or the community. This guide will provide you with an easy-to-follow solution so that you can share Alight Motion APK’s project with others and contribute to the community of Alight Motion Pro APK as well as video editors.

The main goal of providing multiple ways to share the content created in Alight Motion APK is to allow its users complete freedom to add, edit, and easily share their content. If you learn how to share Alight Motion APKs effectively and try to use this functionality properly, then it could open up a lot of growth opportunities and possibilities for your business.

The most usable functionality of sharing your project with others is that it allows you to divide your project into multiple steps or different sections and allot each section to a different person in your team. In this way, all of these sections will be finished simultaneously, and later on, you can combine them to complete your project.  In this way, instead of allotting one project to a single member of your team, you can have two or more persons working on a single project and they could complete the project quickly which will improve the quality as well as the efficiency of your business.

how to share alight motion apk's project

Ways to Share Alight Motion APK’s Project

There are many ways to share a project created in Alight Motion APK, you can select the method of your choice or if you are not able to share your project through one method then you can safely follow other methods and you will be able to share your Alight Motion APK’s project with others safely.

Note: You cannot share your projects using the free version of Alight Motion APK, you must buy a paid subscription or you can also download the Alight Motion Mod APK from any trusted source.

Using a Project Package

A project package is an editable file that contains all of the important data of a project, for example, Media files, layers, Project settings, effects, transitions, etc. In short, your complete project will be present in the project package, which you can edit, and Alight Motion allows its users to share that project package with others. Let’s explore how to share Alight Motion APK’s project using the project package:

  • Make sure you are using a paid version of Alight Motion APK or Alight Motion Mod APK
  • Run the Alight Motion APK on your device and Sign-in to your Account
  • You can create a new project to share or you can also import an existing project using an XML File
  • Make changes according to your requirements, like adding presets, effects, and aspect ratio, adding keyframes, or using Easing Keyframes for smooth animations.
  • Once you have made your adjustments, preview it and rename the project as well
  • Now look for the “file” option in the editing bar at the top of the screen and tap on it
  • Now choose “Export Project Package.” 
  • You will be asked to select the location to save that project package, navigate to your destination folder, and press “export” to begin the exporting process
  • After the exporting process is complete you can now share that project package with others using E-mail, a messaging app, file-sharing services, or any other way you want.

How to import a project package to Alight Motion APK

After you have shared your project in the project package and shared it with others using any sharing method, now comes the part where you have to import that project package in Alight Motion APK for further editing, follow these steps to import a project package to your Alight Motion APK:

  • Make sure you already have downloaded and installed Alight Motion APK on your device 
  • Now navigate to the project package file you received from someone else
  • Tap on the project package file and the device will either ask you to select the preferred opening application or it will automatically open your project package file in Alight Motion APK.
  • Allow Alight Motion APK to do its processing and shortly your project package file will be opened in your Alight Motion APK.

Export your Project as a Video

If you want to share the finalized version of your video instead of an editable file then you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Alight Motion APK on your device and navigate to the video you want to share with others
  • Look for an export option for your video, it will be represented by a share icon or an export icon
  • Adjust the export settings according to your needs like resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc. 
  • Make sure you export in a format that is compatible with the platform where you want to share it, mp4 format is recommended for videos.
  • Select the location where you want to save it in a while the video will be saved and ready for sharing 

Direct Sharing

Instead of saving your project first, you can directly share your media from Alight Motion APK. Look for a share icon for your project and choose the preferred way of sharing like E-MAIL, Messaging apps, social media, etc.

Cloud Storage

If you are working as a team and you want to make your project available for your whole team then you could save your project in a cloud storage like Google Drive and create a sharable link with your team members and in this way, all of your team will have access to that project simultaneously.

QR Codes

Whenever we talk about media sharing ways how can anyone forget the famous QR Codes to share any media easily and quickly. Simply create a QR Code for your project and share that Barcode with others, anyone with a QR Scanner will be able to access your project.


If you want to become a seasoned video editor or a professional content creator then you must work as a team to improve your project’s quality and save your time. To make this possible one must learn how to share Alight Motion APK’s project using different methods. Even a novice could share projects after going through this comprehensive article. If you still have some queries then contact us through social media or drop a comment in this post and we will provide you a solution to any problem related to Alight Motion APK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can definitely share the Alight Motion APK’s projects, simply follow the guidelines provided in this article “url” and you are good to go.

Alight Motion’s projects are saved on your device, and you can always reset your projects if you don’t delete your device files. 

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