Are you a professional Video Editor or an agency that uses Alight Motion for their content creation and is looking for a way to boost your productivity? You have finally landed at the right place because we will educate you about one of the amazing features of Alight Motion Pro APK which will help you to speed up your content creation and utilize teamwork in a better way.

Have you heard of QR code functionality or XML Support in Alight Motion? Yes, you have, because it is one of the most hyped-up topics in the Alight Motion community. We will provide you with everything you need to know to use these features effectively so let’s start exploring these concepts.

How to use QR codes in Alight Motion

Introduction of QR Code and its Uses

QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are scannable matrix boxes in the form of dotted pixels which are used to encode information and save that information in the form of a barcode. A barcode is a machine-scannable or readable image that holds the saved data. You can save any type of information you want to share through a QR code like an image, video, website URL, Audio, etc. You can also use it for marketing purposes and it will surely boost your marketing campaign. 

QR has become one of the main elements in today’s marketing as it saves time and provides accurate data within seconds. There are many uses for QR codes from scanning vehicle parts to using them as a marketing for a brand. Many big brands like WhatsApp, Instagram, and fashion Designers use QR codes for multiple reasons. WhatsApp allows its users to add someone as a friend or to connect their account with WhatsApp Web. Likewise, Instagram allows you to share your account’s basic information with others and brands often use it to share their website or a specific product. 

Now that we have understood the basics of QR code let’s explore its functionality in Alight Motion. Let’s assume you have a big team and one of your team members created a new effect or an outstanding animation and you want to use the same effect for your project. Now you have two options, The first one is to make him create the same effect on your project which will cost you a lot of time and energy and the second option is to simply encode that template into a QR code and import that QR code into your project, this will save you time and effort and it will enhance your productivity as well.

You can use a QR code to share videos, audio, animations, effects, etc. simply saying you could share anything you want because of Alight Motion’s XML support. By using Alight Motion’s XML Support you could import anything and produce visually appealing content.

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How to create a QR code for Alight Motion APK?

The sharing process starts when you have something worth sharing and you don’t know how to create a QR code for your content. Simply follow the steps given below to share your media:

Using Alight Motion

If you are using the latest version of the Alight Motion Mod APK provided by, then you could directly generate the QR code of your project using the Alight Motion App. To do that click on the outgoing arrow on the top right side and then select “Project Package” Then a unique QR code be generated by Alight Motion and you can share it with your friends.

Using a Third-Party App

  • First of all you have to save your project which you want to share in your desired format.
  • You have to download any “QR Code generator app” from your app store, Make sure that the app has good ratings and customer reviews
  • Now open that QR Generator app and upload your desired project which you want to encode through QR Code
  • It will generate a bar code that you can share with anyone you want to share your project with

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How to Share QR code?

There are several ways to share a QR code, you can use either of them to share your QR codes:

Method 1: Use two different devices

  • On one device you open the QR code which you want to share
  • The second device will be the one where you want to export the encoded presets, on the second device you will scan that QR code and you will get a pop-up having the decoded details.

Method 2: Take a Screenshot of the barcode

You can take a screenshot of your QR code and share that screenshot with others so that they can scan the QR code from the screenshot.

How to Use Alight Motion QR Codes

After you have encoded your project whether it be a video, audio, animation, or anything into a QR Code with the help of a QR Generation App, now you need a way to use this QR code to import that project to your system. There are multiple ways for you to use these Alight Motion QR codes, these are one of the best ways to use QR codes:

Method No 1

The first method is to use Alight Motion’s latest version to decode the QR code and extract our required project from it, if you don’t have the latest version then you can download it from here, make sure to follow the instructions and precautions mentioned there, then follow these steps:

  • Firstly open your latest Alight Motion Mod APK file you just downloaded and installed
  • Now open the camera from the top left of your Alight Motion Mod APK Interface
  • Now view that QR code through your phone’s camera and let it do its magic
  • In a while, you will see a pop-up having the details of your encoded data, Tap on it and download it

Method No 2

  • The second method is to use a third-party app to decode the QR Code, for that go to your app store and search for “QR Code Scanner” apps and try to find apps with good ratings and user reviews.
  • Now look for the QR code either use the camera to scan it directly or upload a screenshot of the QR code from your files
  • The app will scan the QR code and it will give you a pop-up having the decoded details of that QR code
  • Click on the URL provided on that pop-up and it will take you to a page where you will get the downloading link of the preset
  • Simply download the template from that link and follow the below instructions to use that preset for your Alight Motion

How to Import QR Downloaded file into Alight Motion?

Follow the steps to import and use the downloaded file in Alight Motion:

  • Open the App and go to the Import section
  • Select the preset you downloaded you want to import
  • Let the app do its processing and in a while, your selected preset will load in your Alight Motion Mod APK

If you follow every step carefully then you will be able to encode a file into a QR code and then decode it to use it in your Alight Motion. Now let me provide you an idea to get free presets using multiple platforms.

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How to get Alight Motion Presets for free to use it’s QR?

Alight Motion is one of the popular video editing and animations application and it has a huge community, many people contribute to this community by creating visually appealing effects, animations or various presets and they share with the community for free, if you also want to contribute to the community or if you want to get those free presets you should follow these steps:

  • Go to Instagram or Facebook and search for “Alight Motion Presets” and you will get multiple pages having a lot of free presets
  • Scroll through these results and select anyone of your choice
  • Explore different presets and you can get these presets through the QR codes provided for each template
  • Now you can follow the guidelines to use the QR code and preset for your project


This guide is focused on providing your latest and highly valuable information on QR codes and their uses for Alight Motion Users. If you use this feature accurately you could definitely do wonders and it will help you grow your business by helping you to share your presets effectively. We appreciate your review of this guide in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, iOS devices could scan a QR code using their camera app so you just have to run the camera app and point it towards a QR Code.

You can easily add QR Codes to your home screen by simply creating a page for your QR code on your home screen and adding a web app to that page lastly select “Add to home screen” and your QR Code will be added to your Phone’s Home Screen.

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