Are you one of those people who are irritated by the watermark on your Alight Motion videos or images? Are you tired of looking for a proper solution on how to remove watermark on Alight Motion but couldn’t find one? Don’t worry because I understand your concern and I have been in your shoes so you will be provided with the most reliable and working solution in this guide. Try to follow instructions properly to get rid of these irritating watermarks.

Before going deep into the solution let’s first understand the basis of this problem. Alight Motion is one of the most used Video Editing and animation apps and is one of the highly-rated editing apps on the Google Play Store. It has two different subscriptions, one is free and the other is paid. If you use the free version to edit your media then Alight Motion will put their faint logo on your project, There are several reasons behind this watermark and this watermark also has a lot of negative effects. Let’s understand why it is important for users to remove this watermark.

How to Remove Watermark on Alight Motion

Reason and Effects of a Watermark

A watermark is a light or faint logo added on a video or image for some reason, these are some of the reasons behind adding a watermark on any content:

To protect Intellectual Property Rights

One of the main reasons for adding a watermark is to protect the intellectual Property Rights of any Brand or organization. This is done to protect or safeguard any private information to be used without their permission.

For Marketing

Many brands do this for marketing purposes, they want the audience to know that this amazing piece of content is created by them, they want to increase their popularity and reach so they put a watermark as a marketing stunt.

To sell their Paid Plan

This is also one of the major reasons behind implementing or enforcing a watermark on the output of any media from a platform. Like Alight Motion many Applications have their separate plans. Yes, they offer you a free plan because they want you to try their product and they keep some premium features so you must buy their paid subscription to get all of the features unlocked.

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Benefits to remove Watermark on Alight Motion APK

We understand that an application has many reasons to put a watermark on the outputs created by using their features but there are many reasons for its users to not like that watermark and everyone wants to get rid of it, These are some of the reasons you must get rid of those irritating watermarks:

To Get a Clean Visual Experience

We can all agree that it is irritating to watch videos or any kind of content with a watermark on it, it makes any content less desirable. It decreases user engagement and if you want to use watermarked content on any social media or YouTube then instead of benefiting you it could decrease your productivity. 


If you are a serious business and you want to make your content look professional then it must be without any watermark. If you want to market your business using that content then you must have watermark-free content to improve user engagement and to scale your business.


Branding is a very important element for serious businesses, it will be cataclysmic for a brand to have any other brand’s watermark on their content as it will demolish their credibility and trust. 

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Methods to Remove Watermark

There are many fake methods in the market right now and it is very difficult to know which method will work and which will not, don’t worry because these are tested and tried methods so you can rely on these methods any time.

Method No. 1: Using a Third-Party App

The most efficient way to get rid of unnecessary watermarks is to use third-party apps that provide you watermark removal functions. There are many watermark removal applications available, you can search for your preferred application by keeping an eye on its ratings and reviews but if you ask me I would recommend using inShot Pro or CapCut.

Follow these steps to remove the watermark using third-party apps:

  • Firstly edit your media on Alight Motion APK without the worry of watermark and export it in your desired format
  • After you have successfully edited your content in Alight Motion then import your file to these third-party apps like inShot.
  • Go to the Watermark removal option in the app and follow the instructions provided on that app, instructions could vary from app to app. InShot will successfully remove the watermark in a while.
  • After the watermark has been removed by the application you should preview it in the preview mode
  • After you have verified that the watermark has been removed simply export your media in your desired format.

Method No 2: Purchase Paid Subscription of Alight Motion

If you are a regular user of Alight Motion and you don’t want to use multiple applications for Watermark removal then you could buy their Paid Subscription and you don’t have to worry about their watermark after that.

To learn about the available subscription options, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Alight Motion APK on your phone or you can open it through “The Google Play Store”
  • Go to the “Profile” option on the top right corner and tap on the “My Account” option
  • Now go to “Membership options”
  • Then select your preferred plan
  • Now provide your payment details and submit your payment
  • Now your subscription is done and if they will give you a “license key”, copy it and paste it into your account

Now just enjoy all the features of Alight Motion APK without worrying about Watermark also Learn to use Easing Keyframes to improve your motion smoothness.

Method No 3: Use Alight Motion Mod APK

It is one of the best methods of creating content from Alight Motion Pro Apk without the worry of the watermark. Alight Motion Mod APK provides you all of the paid features for free, to use this method for watermark removal follow these steps:

  •  Before downloading the Mod APK file make sure to uninstall the previously installed Alight Motion application from your mobile
  • Now open your browser and search for
  • Once you open that website, download the Mod Apk file by clicking on the download button
  • After you have downloaded the file follow the step-by-step guide to install it
  • After you have installed the Alight Motion Mod APK, open your previously created file and do some editing on it
  • Now simply export that media in your desired format and hurray your content is now watermark-free

You can keep creating your content in Alight Motion Mod APK and enjoy the paid features of this app for free. You should also learn to use transitions in Alight Motion APK to give your videos a natural feel.

Method No 4: Cropping

I am sure that you will be able to remove the watermark using any of the three methods above but if you are not able to do it then this method could definitely help you. As lame as this may sound this method actually works, You can get rid of a watermark by carefully cropping your video, and we will guide you on how to do it properly so follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly you have to create your project and once you complete editing your project on Alight Motion Pro Apk then export it in your desired format and save it on your system.
  • Now Import that project to any editing software, you can also use Alight Motion for this
  • In the Cropping tool, adjust the frame in a way that it excludes the watermark on your media, you can also change the size, position, and aspect ratio of your media, adjust everything in a way that you get your content in a best viewable frame without watermark.

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Tips for Watermark Removal

We have explained the watermark removal process in detail but you must keep these tips in mind before following any method:

  • You must use a reliable third-party app and make sure to check its ratings and reviews, Avoid any app that doesn’t have good customer reviews, it is suggested to use an app with having 4+ rating on the App Store.
  • Make sure you preview the project after removing the watermark to make sure that it has been removed successfully
  • If you are using the Cropping method then make sure that you don’t change the frame of aspect ratio too much. Try to maintain as much originality as possible.


It is very irritating to have a watermark on your content and most people don’t get proper guidance on how to remove it. If you follow the solutions provided in this comprehensive guide then you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your content. If you want to keep yourself updated and to get all of your Alight Motion queries resolved then stay connected to this website. I hope this guide will help you resolve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, If you are using the free version then there will be a watermark on your media.

Yes, you can easily remove the watermark, you could visit this website (https://alightmotionproapks,net) and the solutions provided here are best to get rid of the watermark.

No, If you use reliable solutions and follow the instructions and tips properly then you won’t have to worry about the low quality.

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