Alight Motion is the best video editing and animation application available for mobile users, but many people don’t understand the true potential of Alight Motion. Either they don’t want to learn more or they don’t have a hint of the detailed functionality that Alight Motion offers. One of the main aspects is the feature to add captions to a video using Alight Motion. If you are struggling to add captions in a video in Alight Motion, don’t worry because this guide will be the only solution you need to make your videos engaging and meaningful for your audience.

Adding a caption to a video could do wonders for engaging your audience and conveying your message in a better way. You could also increase your targeted reach and bring more traffic to your content. Captions in a video improve clarity, focus, and user engagement and convey the right message to the viewers.

If you add captions in a video using Alight Motion Pro APK, then you can create your content for an international audience. If you are from India and you want to increase the reach of your content then you could try one of these possibilities. Either you could create your content in English and add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion to add them as captions, or you could create a video in Hindi and add English subtitles or captions for people who don’t understand Hindi.

There are plenty of fonts available in the Alight Motion Font’s library and you can also create animations of these fonts either to use them in your video or to add a new style of captions to your videos.

How to add captions in a video using Alight Motion

Benefits to add Captions in a Video using Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers a huge library of fonts that could be used to add infographics to your content as well as add captions in a video, there are many potential benefits to adding captions in a video using Alight Motion, let’s explore some of the advantages of adding captions in a video:

  • If increases the user Engagement
  • It enhances the focus and clarity of your content
  • It allows you to target more audience
  • It could help you get more traffic from social media platforms because more people could understand your content
  • You will have control over the message you want to convey to your audience
  • You could add details of a tricky dialogue or a complex thing in your captions
  • Even a Spanish video could be enjoyed by English-speaking audience with the help of captions

Steps to add Captions in a video using Alight Motion

Fonts play a vital role in delivering the right message to the audience in the form of info-graphics and captions. By keeping the importance of fonts in mind, the developers of Alight Motion have added a huge library of fonts nearly 2000+ fonts and presets are available to add details to your content. It is not so difficult to add captions in a video using Alight Motion. Follow these steps, and you are good to go.

  • Download Alight Motion Pro from the Play-store or from a reliable and trusted website
  • Launch the app on your device and sign in to your account
  • Import your video to Alight Motion or create a new project and add elements with the proper aspect ratio, add layers, specify separate pivot points for multiple animations, and add unique transitions. In short, create a video with your required details, and if you are new, then learn how to use Alight Motion.
  • Now that your video editing is complete and you want to add captions, click on the text option and write your caption
  • Select the right font style, Color, Size, angle, and appearing style for the captions
  • Add all the captions for the whole video, The recommended practice is to add captions in layers to edit them easily in the future
  • Adjust the layers of caption with the video so that captions appear at the right time in the video
  • Preview the results before saving them
  • Now your video is ready, export it in high quality and your required format
  • You can also share Alight Motion videos with others directly from the app.

Tips to add Captions in a Video using Alight Motion

If you want to take your content’s quality one step ahead, then you should add captions to your videos, and these tips are going to help you a lot:

  • Try to add captions for more than one language like English, Spanish, French, etc. to improve the reach of your videos 
  • Add custom fonts to your video to make it stand out
  • Add details of some difficult words used in your video through captions
  • Add captions in more than one layer to edit or alter them easily 


If you have been with us till now, then you will be able to add captions in a video using Alight Motion, and you could take your content one step ahead. It ensures many benefits, like improving video quality and engagement. Follow the tips given in this article to implement captions efficiently. If you want to be a Pro at Alight Motion, then explore our guides and let us know if you still need further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can add captions in a video using Alight Motion and improve your user experience.

There are plenty of fonts available in the Alight Motion Library and you can also add 3rd party fonts in Alight Motion and use them as captions.

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