Presets are undoubtedly one of the main reasons behind the unbreakable success of Alight Motion Mod APK. Not only do they save you time and effort, but they also give you high-quality results every time. Have you ever wondered how these YouTubers always create high-quality content and how to use preset in Alight Motion for your benefit? If yes, then you are not alone, in this guide, we will discuss the Nitti gritty of presets and how to use them effectively to improve your project’s quality.

This guide will focus on the basics of presets, their uses, their functionality, and different ways to use a preset in Alight Motion APK. Presets is an amazing feature that is used by many content creators including seasoned YouTubers, to produce consistent content quickly which comes out to be a treat for the eyes.

How to Use Preset In Alight Motion

What is a Preset?

A preset is a pre-made template that can be transferred and saved for future use. Alight Motion is the first app to provide a library of presets that could be used to create symmetrical content in a short period. You can use multiple presets shared by advanced developers and even a beginner could create stunning content using a preset. You can either save your own piece of content for future use or you can also find presets from social media platforms or download it from any trusted websites.

In modern times content creation has become one of the most lucrative businesses, more money brings more people, and to cope-up with this increasing competition, one must be able to create high quality and aesthetically pleasing content, If you want to become a full-time content creator then the quality of your content must be consistent and that consistently high quality content could only be achieved by using presets.  

Presets give you a pre-made template that you can use and you can simply replace your image or a clip with the same element in the presets and you will get the same content as shown in the preset, you must have encountered some videos created by using “Cameraman idhar focus karo” preset. You can simply download that preset from a trusted website and use that preset in Alight Motion APK and your trendy video is ready to use.

Benefits of using a Preset

There are many benefits of using a preset for your content creation, some of them are given below:

  • Time-saving: You can use pre-made templates so you don’t have to waste time creating the same thing again and again.
  • Quality content: You can use one good quality preset for multiple videos to maintain the quality.
  • Less Effort Required: You don’t have to create the same thing again, so less effort will be required if you use presets for your content.
  • Social Sharing: It can be shared easily with others
  • Consistency in the content: You can use the same preset in different videos to get similar results

Types of Presets used in Alight Motion APK

Generally speaking, a preset is a template to be used for future projects, but did this thought ever cross your mind how many types of Alight Motion features could be used as a preset? Yes, this is an interesting question and an answer to it could help you improve your content’s quality and your project’s efficiency as well. So let’s explore some of the features of Alight Motion APK that allow you to use them as a template.

How to use the Preset in the Alight Motion APK? A step-by-step guide!

Alight Motion offers its users a huge library of presets that could change the overall look of any video or image, If you are wondering how to use those presets and use them on your content then simply follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the Alight Motion APK on your Device
  • Go to the media where you want to add preset whether it be a photo or a video
  • Go to Alight Motion’s “Settings” and look for the “Effect” menu.
  • Now you will have multiple presets to choose from. Make a selection from these available presets
  • Now drag that preset to your video or image and make adjustments for your project
  • After you have made all of the necessary adjustments, preview those changes and save it in XML Format. Now you can share it with anyone you want.

How to Import and Use Presets in Alight Motion?

Presets could be in multiple formats, such as XML Presets, QR Code Presets, Link Presets, etc. Sometimes it gets tricky how to use presets in Alight Motion APK but you don’t have to worry at all because even a novice will be able to use presets in Alight Motion APK using the methods described below, so identify which format of preset you have and let’s get started:

How to use XML Preset in the Alight Motion APK:

The most common presets used in Alight Motion APK are XML Presets because it is very easy to use these presets to create high-quality and professional-looking Projects. If you have downloaded your required presets from a trusted source then let’s explore how you can use these XML presets in Alight Motion APK:

Note: Let’s assume you have a preset of “shape” and you want to use it in Alight Motion.

  • The first step is to launch the Alight Motion APK on your device
  • Open the project where you want to use the preset, or if you want to use it on a new project, then create a new project
  • Now tap on Shapes to create a shape layer
  • Click on edit to get access to the layer’s editor
  • Look for the “Import” option in the editor section and click on it
  • Navigate to the folder where you have saved your preset and select the preset you want to use for this layer
  • Once your preset is imported, go to the “presets” tab of that layer and you will find that preset there
  • To use that preset simply click on that preset and tap on the apply button
  • Make required adjustments according to your need and preview it to verify
  • Now you can save your layer and repeat it if you want to add more presets to other layers

Make sure you follow these steps carefully to avoid errors. Repeat this procedure to add any kind of XML preset to the Alight Motion APK. 

Using Presets in Alight Motion APK using QR Codes:

Using the Alight Motion preset with the help of a QR code is pretty easy as well. Make sure to have a QR code in the form of a picture or a QR code ready to scan on another device, Now Follow these steps to use presets in Alight Motion using QR Codes:

  • Launch the Alight Motion APK on your device and open the project where you want to add a preset.
  • Now go to the element where you want to add a preset, Let’s continue with the example of the “Shapes” element
  • After going to the shapes layer, tap on the edit option to access the editor
  • Now click the “import” option and choose the “QR Code” option
  • Now you have to scan the QR Code with your Phone
  • Alight Motion will automatically process the preset and import it in the “presets” tab of the layer’s editor
  • Go to the presets tab, select the preset we just imported using the QR Code, and press apply.
  • Now preview your project to make adjustments and then save your project

You can import and use presets in the Alight Motion Motion APK using either of these methods, and you will be amazed by the benefits that you will have using these presets in your projects. 

How to Use Alight Motion’s Presets in Other Apps?

Alight Motion is a heaven for content creators, and you can create aesthetically stunning elements using this application. If you want to use Alight Motion’s presets or your own presets for other apps, then you will get multiple options in this guide, Try to follow each method carefully to avoid having troubles.

How to use Alight Motion’s preset using Links?

Sharing Alight Motion’s presets using links is the easiest way to share your presets and templates with others, You can have a link to your preset and you can share it with anyone or anywhere, This process will include two steps, one will be to create a preset link you want to share, and the other will be how to use that preset using its link. 

How to create a link for your Alight Motion preset?

  • Simply finish your preset, which you want to share using a link
  • Now choose the part that you want to share as a preset
  • Look for a “Link” option at the bottom of your screen in the footer section
  • Click on that Link option and it will give you a preset link for your selected elements
  • Choose a name for your preset, give that name to that link, and save it
  • Now you can share it with anyone

How to Use a Preset using its link:

  • Launch the Alight Motion App on your device
  • Go to the element where you want to use a preset; make sure you use the same element for which you made a preset
  • Note: You cannot use an Effect preset on text, use the same correct preset for each element
  • Click on the “custom” option and it will open an editor
  • Now in the Custom editor, click on the “Link” option
  • Now select the link you saved before and tap on apply
  • Now your preset will be available in the Custom tab of your element and you can use it from there
  • Select your preset, make adjustments if you want and preview it to make sure your customization is done

How to Import Alight Motion’s preset in TikTok

TikTok is the first choice for anyone who is looking to make a living out of social media platforms, Many individuals have made their mark in the film industry who started their careers as tik-toker, If you are struggling to create good videos on Tiktok, then you must try Alight Motions presets and you will be amazed by the results. Here’s how you could use Alight Motion’s presets in Tiktok app:

  • Run Alight Motion APK on your Phone
  • Finalize the preset you want to use either from Alight Motion’s preset library or create your own preset
  • Download the preset to your phone, it will be in “.ampreset” format
  • Now make sure your preset and Tiktok app are on the same device, if not, transfer that preset to the phone where you are using the Tiktok app
  • Now open your TikTok app and click on the + button to start creating a new video
  • Now either create a new video or import a previously created video on which you want to add Alight Motion’s preset
  • Now tap on the effects option, which is mostly represented by a “magic wand” icon
  • Now look for either “upload” or “add new” option and click on it
  • Now look for the preset you want to add to your TikTok video and upload it to your TikTok appNow make necessary adjustments to your video and try to merge it with the preset 
  • After you have made all of the changes click on the next button and add post details
  • Now you can post your video and enjoy the response you will get due to Alight Motion’s amazing presets

Some Famous Alight Motion APK’s Presets you must Try

  • Rolling Waves
  • Gleaming Lines
  • Floating Clouds
  • Spiraling Swirls


Presets play a significant role in making or breaking your content-making career, If you learn to use presets to your advantage then they will become your silent friends who always have your back whenever you need to create eye-pleasing content in no time. This guide is the only source you will ever need to master this amazing Alight Motion feature.

From its basics to a step-by-step guide on how to use it for your benefit everything is covered in this guide. If you still have some issues regarding this topic then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, you can definitely add multiple presets to different elements of a video to make a pleasing video.

You can find presets to use in Alight Motion on social media platforms or on some reliable websites as well.

Yes, Alight Motion gives you the option to save your video, animation, or image as a template to share or use in the future.

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