If you are trying to import a preset to your Alight Motion Workspace then you must be aware of the XML files and their compatibility with the Alight Motion APK. If you also wonder how to import XML files in Alight Motion or how to benefit from it, you have reached the right place. This guide is crafted in a way to provide you all of the information you need to have from the basics to the troubleshooting of using XML File in Alight Motion.

Alight Motion is undoubtedly the best motion editing application for Android as well as for PC (Alight Motion APK for PC), there is always a chat about XML compatibility and how to use this functionality for our benefit. When I started using this amazing app I also came across these queries and based on my experience and research I will provide you with the most reliable solutions for all of your queries related to Alight Motion APK. Let’s understand the basics of an XML file and then we will discuss how to use it for your benefit.

How to Import XML files in Alight Motion

What is an XML File?

XML stands for “eXtensible Markup Language” and it is one of the most used formats for the sharing of structured information between computers and people. Both XML and HTML contain data in the form of text and tags to provide instructions to the software on how to use it, XML files provide instructions about the type and structure of data, and HTML instructions on how that data will be displayed. 

The primary goal of the XML file is to store data to be shared and read easily between multiple platforms. XML is not considered to be a programming language but it has a wide range of applications including Software development, video editing, and the management of Documents. 

Xml file in Alight Motion helps you to share your projects between multiple devices using an XML file, This XML file contains information in the form of tags and text and it contains the structure and hierarchy of the information but it does not contain the information of how that data will be displayed so many people use XML files to share presets and templates and this feature has proved to be significant for Alight Motion users.

Uses of an XML File for Alight Motion APK

Now that we have established the basic concept of an XML file let’s explore its functionality and benefits for Alight Motion Users.

  • If you found a preset or a template on a website or on any social platform that you want to use for your projects then you could import that project into your Alight Motion Workspace using an XML File of that preset.
  • If you want to share your own preset or any new template that you make with the community then you could share that file in the XML Format.
  • If you are an agency or a team working on a project then you could divide that project into different sections and after your team has finished their allotted section you could combine all of the sections by importing each xml file on one system. This will not only divide the workload but also improve the efficiency and quality of your project.

If you could properly use this amazing feature then it opens up unlimited opportunities for you to improve the quality and efficiency of your work. Now let’s explore how to import XML files for Android and iOS devices.

How to Import XML files on Android Devices?

You could share your Alight Motion presets by using QR codes and by importing XML files into your Alight Motion Workspace. It is very easy to import an XML file on Android devices but sometimes people face some unwanted errors or problems during this process so we will make sure that you get the most reliable and easy way to import your XML files, follow the given methods carefully to avoid any disruptions:

Method 1: Use Alight Motion Pro APK

  • Firstly you have to make sure that you are using the Alight Motion Mod APK, if not you can download the Pro Version and use it for free by visiting this website https://alightmotionproapks.net/
  • After you have installed the Alight Motion Mod APK on your phone you have to download the preset that you want to import to your Alight Motion.
  • Now run the Alight Motion App on your phone and go to the “Templates Tab”
  • You will see an Upload option at the upper part of your screen, click on it
  • Select the XML file you want to import to your Workspace

Now just sit back and let the app do its processing and after a while, your selected XML file will be imported into your Alight Motion APK.

Method 2: Use File Manager

In this method, you will use File Manager to import your XML file to Alight Motion APK, follow the steps below to use this method:

  • Make sure that you have your XML file available on the same device, if not then download it from your source
  • Open the “File Manager” of your Android device
  • Nowadays every Android device comes with its own File Manager, if not download a reliable File Manager from the Play Store
  • Now navigate to the XML file on your file manager, if you can’t find it then search it using the search bar or you can check the “download” folder
  • After you find the XML file you want to import then long-press on your file and you will see a share button either on top or bottom of the screen.
  • Note: You can only import one XML at one go
  • Click on the share button you will see multiple options to share your app with, select the Alight Motion App from those options.
  • Now open your Alight Motion App and look for the “Projects” tab and you will find your imported XML file there

Method 3: Use Google Drive

In this method you can import your XML file anywhere using Google Drive, simply follow the steps below to avoid any errors:

  • Keeping in mind that you have already downloaded the XML file you want to import then open the Google Drive on the device
  • If you don’t have Google Drive then download it from the Play Store and sign up using your Google Account
  • Open Google Drive and click on the “+” option and then select the upload option to upload the XML file on your Google Drive
  • Now navigate to where you have downloaded your XML file and select it, in a while your XML file will be uploaded to drive
  • Now you have to import that file from Google Drive to your Alight Motion APK
  • Tap on the XML file in your drive and then click on the “three dots” to open the “menu”
  • Now click on “send a copy” and it will show you multiple options to send your XML file to
  • Select the Alight Motion APK from those options and your XML file will be imported successfully to your Alight Motion APK

Troubleshooting Issues of Alight Motion Android Devices

  • The most common issue that Android users face is that when they try to import multiple XML files at once, they can’t find the Alight Motion App in the sharing window. Alight Motion Does not allow the import of more than one XML file at once, so make sure you import all XML files separately.
  • Another problem that many Android users face is that when they tap on the share button their device automatically selects the default sharing app selected for their device, To resolve this issue follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings
  • Search for Apps and tap on it
  • Click on three dots to open the menu and click on “Reset app Preference”
  • Now you will be provided a window of multiple apps when you click share, select Alight Motion from there.

How to Import the XML file to Alight Motion on iOS

It is not as simple to import the XML file on iOS devices as compared to Android devices, but you don’t have to worry because we will provide you a solution if you are an iOS user.

The problem that iOS users face is that when they try to follow the process used for Android devices, the file manager of iOS doesn’t show the Alight Motion app in the available sharing options, so iOS users could use the QR Code method or they could try to import XML files using Alight Cloud Link Method.

QR Code Method

If you are an IOS user then this is the most preferred way for you to import or transfer a preset, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Preset or template you want to share with others
  • Download a QR Code generator app from Apple app store
  • Upload that preset in the QR Code generator app and create a QR Code for that preset
  • Now you can share that Bar code with the iOS users so that they can scan it or they could scan it directly using their camera app

Alight Cloud Link Method

  • Alight Motion Premium offers you a feature to allows you to export your project in the form of “project packages”
  • Then the “Project package” you exported is automatically uploaded to Alight Cloud and you will also get a link to that Alight Cloud upload.
  • Now you can share that link with others to import that project package on their iOS devices
  • The Alight Motion Free version only allows you to import packages under 5Mb MB in size otherwise, you have to get its premium package.


XML compatibility is an amazing feature and has many benefits for Alight Motion’s Android and iOS users, It helps them create visually appealing content in less time and also gives them the option to share their creativity with the community. This guide is focused on providing you with all of the solutions you may face while using this feature, if you still have any queries, then contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Alight Motion doesn’t have a file manager, you have to use the file manager of your Android device or you can download one from the Play Store.

No, Alight Motion does not allow to import of multiple XML files at once.

The most common issue people face is that they can’t find the Alight Motion app in the sharing options when they try to Import multiple XML files at once.

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