Are you an Alight Motion-based video or animation editor looking for ways to improve your content? A curious content creator is always looking to improve the quality of its content, and this is done by changing and improving content and media daily. If you are such a person and looking for a way to replace a picture in Alight Motion Pro APK, then your search will end here because this guide is crafted for curious and intelligent people like you. 

There are many times when we desperately need a way to quickly change or replace a picture in Alight Motion instead of going through a complete editing process. This functionality of Alight Motion could prove to be very handy for content creators because they have to create videos and animations daily and they need quick ways to add and replace videos and pictures in their content.

replace a picture in Alight Motion

Benefits to replace a picture in Alight Motion

There are many advantages to replace a picture in Alight Motion, and this functionality will enable you to create high-quality content quickly if you learn to replace media in Alight Motion.

Quick Editing

You could save your time by quickly replacing one picture in your video, and it will improve the efficiency of your work. This way, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your content.

Enhance the productivity of your work

As you can replace a picture in Alight Motion, instead of going through a lot of editing options, you can go straight to the point where you want to make a change, and this way the overall productivity of your work will improve.

Make adjustments to reusable elements for future use

There are plenty of presets available in Alight Motion and you can also create your own reusable elements for future use if after saving your reusable element you realize that you have mistakenly added a wrong picture in your preset then you can replace a picture in Alight Motion straightaway.

Steps to replace a picture in Alight Motion

It is very easy to replace a picture in Alight Motion, you just need to know how to use Alight Motion and have a basic knowledge of using and moving layers in Alight Motion and you won’t have to face any trouble in this process, simply follow the steps given here to avoid any disruptions:

  • Launch the Alight Motion APK on your device
  • Create a new project or import an existing project to your Alight Motion either by QR method or by XML file import method
  • If you want to open any other person’s project in your account, then you can share an Alight Motion project on your device and open it in your account
  • Now open the video or project where you would like to replace a picture in Alight Motion
  • Now tap on the + icon and select the new image that you want to replace from your device
  • After the image is added use the drag-and-drop media functionality to add this image to the timeline
  • Now select the layer of that picture that you want to replace with the new image
  • To replace that old picture with the new one, click on the edit option for the layer of the old picture > in the settings, search for image > Click on image > tap on replace media option >select the new image > done
  • Make the required adjustments to match that picture with the video, like aspect ratio, size, position, and rotation, trim a video and if you want to add a caption to your video, then make adjustments for that as well
  • Preview changes and make adjustments if required
  • Now save your project

Steps to edit or replace a picture in Alight Motion for preset Groups

Presets are pre-made templates that have pre-installed settings to be used in the future. There are presets for transitionseffects, fonts, keyframesand other visual aspects as well. In Alight Motion, presets are arranged in the form of groups, and if you want to make a change or replace a picture in Alight Motion for preset groups, then you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Alight Motion app on your device
  • Look for the presets option on the left side of your device and tap on it to access the preset panel
  • Now navigate to the group where your targeted preset is present and tap on it to select that preset
  • After you have selected the preset group, you can make the following changes to that preset group:
  • Create new presets: To do that click on the + button and you can use available presets to create your own custom designs.
  • Remove a preset from a group: To remove a preset from a group go to that preset, tap and hold to get a menu for that preset, and tap on the “Delete” option.
  • Reorder the presets: You can reorder the presets by clicking and holding a preset and then dragging it to the desired position
  • Change the name of the preset group: Simply tap on the group, go to the preset name at the top of the screen and write a new name for that preset group.
  • Preview the changes and save them


It is very easy to replace a picture in Alight Motion, and it could benefit you in many ways, so just follow the steps given above to replace any media in your video and quickly alter the required media to enhance the productivity of your content and save time for other crucial tasks. On top of that, you can simply make alterations to preset groups to use them in the future and save a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can replace more than one picture in the Alight Motion app together. Select the layers of all of the pictures you want to replace, look for the replace option in the properties panel, and simply select the new image to replace those selected images.

Alight Motion supports a wide range of image formats, such as PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, SVG, and more.

No, replacing an image won’t affect other elements like animations, effects, transitions, etc.

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