Looking for ways to add quality and uniqueness to your content? Everyone connected to the Alight Motion Community must have heard about the magic of motion blur, and this question has haunted many minds about how to add motion blur on Alight Motion. Well, worry not, because we will provide you with an easy guide to add motion blur on Alight Motion Mod APK and create wonders with your content.

Adding motion blur to your videos is one of the advanced methods used to add uniqueness to your content. Motion blur is specifically associated with adding blur to moving objects such as animations. Blur motion enhances the quality of your animations, and it provides a natural feel to your moving objects or animations.

How to add Motion Blur on Alight Motion

Advantages to Add Motion Blur on Alight Motion

Motion blur helps you in many ways whether you want to add focus to a particular moving element, create visually appealing motions, add dynamic focus to your content, or create a cinematic visual, you can get your desired results using motion blur on Alight Motion Mod APK. So let’s explore some of the positive aspects and benefits of adding motion blur on Alight Motion.

  • The Motion Blur effect is a crucial part of cinematic quality videography as it adds focus, uniqueness, and a professional touch to your videos.
  • It allows you to divert the visual focus between the elements and you can control the focus of your audience by blurring the background and another unnecessary part of the frame for better storytelling and create user-engaging content.
  • In most Action Movies the motion blur effect enhances the overall feel and excitement of the high-paced action-packed scenes and the end product becomes a masterpiece.
  • It allows you to create smooth transitions between the scenes or from an animation to a static frame and hence it creates a natural touch to your animations and creates high-quality motions.
  • You can mask or hide unnecessary elements in a frame to get cleaner and stable visuals
  • Motion Blur helps you create 3D animations as it adds depth and focus to an element that ensures we get high-quality 3D animations.
  • It allows you to do experiments in a frame and add an artistic touch to your videos to create something unique and visually superior.

Steps to add Motion Blur on Alight Motion\

Motion blur applies blur to a moving object to change of its position, rotation, or scale over time. It is easy to add motion blur on Alight Motion for your moving objects or animations, let’s explore the steps to add motion blur on Alight Motion:

  • Download and Install Alight Motion APK on your device
  • Create a new project or import an existing project to your Alight Motion
  • Add elements on which you want to create an animation 
  • Once you have added the required media click on the element you want to add motion effect and motion blur on
  • Note: We have to first animate the object using keyframes and then we will implement motion blur
  • Now look for the Transform button usually represented by a square with an arrow and tap on it
  • The transform button will give you motion properties like position, scale, rotation, and opacity
  • Tap on the position option and it will allow you to select the starting and ending position of your animation
  • Move your play head to the point of layer where you want to start the motion
  • Now take your play head to the final or ending point of your motion
  • Adjust the position of your layer
  • Your animation is created and now you have to add the motion blur effect 
  • Now click on the element look for the “Effects” option and tap on it
  • Now swipe right to the blur option and scroll down to control the blur properties like tune, angle, scale, and position. You don’t have to change these settings, let it stay to default.
  • Now your Motion Blur is ready and you can also share your Alight Motion project with others

Tips to add Motion Blur on Alight Motion

It is generally an easy concept but if you want to take your motion blur to the next level then try to explore these tips and implement them carefully:

1: Playing with Motion Blur Properties

You will be able to add motion blur on Alight Motion by following the steps mentioned earlier and if you want to play with the blur settings and create your custom blur effects then you need to understand the basics of the main aspects of blur effects, let’s explore what these aspects are and how they change the blur effect on Alight Motion:


Tune represents the size of blur on an element, the default value of tune is 1, and the greater the tune value is will be the amount of blur. Tune value 2 will have a higher amount of blur than tune value 1. Tune could also be used to change the aspect ratio and frame rate of your video, higher tune value will make your video look like a lower frame rate. For instance, if your 60 fps video have tune value 1 then changing your tune value to 2 will make your video look like 30 fps.


It represents the effect of motion blur when the element scales up or down. The default value of scale is on, if you set it to off then the blur effect will not function if the targeted element changes its size.


You should avoid changing this property because it represents if the motion blur will remain on or off when the element changes its position. The default value of position is ON and it should be kept on if we want to add motion blur effect.


The default value of the Angle property is on and if it is set to off then motion blur will not work when the targeted element changes its angle of motion.

2: Adding Easing Keyframes

You should explore how to add easing keyframes in Alight Motion and try to add easing keyframes to your animations to get a natural and smooth experience. 

3: Managing the order of your effects

You have to understand the change in behavior of motion blur with different effects, different effects have different functionality you will use a different effect like oscillate for a change in position or to move your element and a different effect like Fractal Warp to change the shape of your object.


This guide is tailored to help you add motion blur on Alight Motion and if you want to be a Pro at Alight Motion then you must explore this website because we claim to be the only place where you will get easy-to-understand and practical guides on different aspects and features of Alight Motion. Also, explore how to delete an Alight Motion Account if you want to switch to a different platform and want to keep your information and details safe in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, you can add Motion Blur to your videos using Alight Motion and add uniqueness to your videos.

Motion Blur allows you to create highly focused, cinematic style and engaging videos where you can control the focus of your audience by adding blur to mask unwanted elements of your video. 

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