Alight Motion provides you with many advanced functionalities that enable you to create visually appealing videos and animations quickly. If you are looking for ways to split a video in Alight Motion, then you have reached the right place because this article is crafted to provide you information about the benefits as well as steps to split a video in Alight Motion.

In Alight Motion Pro APK you can make adjustments to the content according to your needs because Alight Motion provides you the freedom to do anything you want in easy steps. Functions like replacing a picture in Alight Motion or trimming a video in Alight Motion, etc. are very easy and helpful for your content, and all of these complex features are made easy by our helpful guides.

Due to the increasing popularity of Alight Motion, many newbies start looking for ways to get free membership of Alight Motion and end up losing their money to wrong and unethical sites, so you must find a reliable source of information like this website to keep yourself safe from scammers. Without further delay, let’s explore in detail how to split a video in Alight Motion.

How to split a video in Alight Motion

Benefits of Split a Video in Alight Motion

It may not sound like a very useful function of Alight Motion, but it could surely provide many editing features and possibilities for a seasoned content creator to play with. These are some of the possible benefits to split a video in Alight Motion:

1: Removing Unwanted Sections

The main benefit to split a video in Alight Motion is to remove the unwanted sections or parts of the video. For instance, if you have mistakenly added some images or animations and now you want to make adjustments without having to create the whole video from the beginning, you just have to follow the steps mentioned here to split those portion and remove them.

2: Improve storytelling

Another benefit to split a video in Alight Motion is to make changes and adjustments to your content according to your needs, if you have created a video and now want to change the story or the way your content will be shown, you can split the video into multiple parts and then change the storyline according to your desire. This way, you can improve your content and enhance user engagement.

3: Create Highlight Video

You can create a highlight video of an event where you have to split a video in Alight Motion into multiple parts, and these parts will be shown by adding animations. You can spice up the video by adding transitions to these parts, and you can create a montage as well.

4: Create a short Reel

Short reels are in trend nowadays, and you can also create short videos or reels by using Alight Motion. You just have to split a video in Alight Motion and use the main parts of the video in a short reel. You can also extract audio from videos to use them in your short reels.  

5: Add Effects and Transitions

If you are looking to make your content user engaging and to add multiple elements and details to your content like effects, transitions, etc. then you can split a video into different parts and add effects or transitions in between these parts.

6: Add new elements to your video

If you want to add some extra video clips, transitions, or scenes that you forgot to add before, then you can split the video from the point where you want to add those new scenes. This will split that video into two layers and then add those videos in between those layers and make required adjustments to make it look natural.

Steps to Split a Video in Alight Motion

Alight Motion has made it very easy to use complex functions like to reverse a video in Alight Motion or how to add motion blur in a user-friendly interface. Simply follow the steps below to split a video in Alight Motion:

  • Download and install Alight Motion on your device
  • Open the Alight Motion on your device and sign in to your Account
  • Create a new project and then import and open the video you want to split 
  • Select the video layer and move the play head to your desired splitting position
  • Now look for the “Split” option in the toolbar and tap on it 
  • The layer will split into two parts and in this way, you can make as many parts as you want
  • If you want to delete a section, then click on the layer of that section and tap on delete
  • Your video is successfully split and now you can preview it and save the project after making the required adjustments

By following these steps, you can successfully split a video in Alight Motion. Make sure to clear the cache in Alight Motion if your project or app is running slowly.


Alight Motion offers many interesting features that provide you with infinite possibilities of adding value to your content. You can take your content creation game to the next level if you can split a video in Alight Motion, follow the steps and tips provided in this guide, share it with your friends and team members, and contribute to their learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, splitting your video into parts will not affect the quality of your video you have to make sure that you save your video in high resolution.

Yes, splitting a video will create two layers of that element and you can add any element like transitions, effects, or animations in between those two layers.

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