Alight Motion claims to be the only app that provides everything you need to create professional and cinematic level of visuals and if you are looking for ways to reverse a video in Alight Motion then you have finally landed at the right place because we will assist you to reverse a video in Alight Motion without facing any distortion as well as losing its quality. 

You may have seen many videos that seemed too difficult or impossible to create and you would have challenged your video editing abilities and still failed to create similar visual effects, let me introduce you to the new video editing technique that is used by those unique videos that seem to be impossible to create and are highly engaging.

To reverse a video in Alight Motion you just have to record a video of a walking man conventionally and use the reversing technique of Alight Motion Mod APK to make that man appear to be walking backwards. Learning this technique could boost your editing skills and take your video editing career one step ahead, Alight Motion always makes sure that you are not missing out on any crucial feature, so like always Alight Motion allows its users to reverse a video and create visuals that could prove to be Cataclysmic for the competitors.

How to Reverse a Video in Alight Motion

Benefits to reverse a video in Alight Motion

There are limitless opportunities to create stunning and more engaging videos using the reverse technique in Alight Motion, using this feature efficiently allows you to create high-quality cinematic visuals on your smartphone and challenge giants who use costly cameras to do it. Let’s explore some of the benefits to reverse a video in Alight Motion.

  • You could create comedic or funny visuals by showing objects or people moving backward
  • You can use the reversing technique for visually blowing transitions between two scenes
  • Add an artistic touch to your videos, for instance, you want to create a visual where people or superheroes jump out of water uniquely and you are wondering how this is possible? Simply make a video of people jumping into the water and then use the reverse technique to show them coming out of the water
  • You can create visuals of going back to time and undoing some mistake, this is done intelligently by many movies and seasons where they show a scene and then the character goes back to time and it is shown uniquely by reversing the whole video
  • You have made some mistake in a video or you want to show the last part of the video at the beginning then you could use it by reversing the technique

Steps to reverse a video in Alight Motion

There are many benefits of the reverse functionality of Alight Motion and it is very easy to use this feature in Alight Motion due to its user-friendly interface but you must know how to download and use Alight Motion, then simply follow the steps below to reverse a video in Alight Motion:

Tips to reverse a video in Alight Motion

It is very easy to reverse a video in Alight Motion but you must follow these tips to make your video standout others:

  • Try to create the video in high quality to get the final reversed video in good resolution.
  • Planning is crucial in getting good results, you have to plan your reverse parts wisely
  • Get rid of unwanted parts and explore how to trim videos in Alight Motion
  • Adjust the speed of your reverse part and explore velocity editing in Alight Motion to master speed control
  • Add transition effects for improved transition onto the reverse section, try to use easing keyframes for smooth transition of animations
  • Add sound effects to your videos and you can also extract a soundtrack from a video to use it as your background music
  • Always preview the video before saving it 
  • Export the video in High Quality and suitable formats such as mp4


Alight Motion is a blessing for new video editing specialists because it provides every latest and advanced feature to its users in an easy-to-use interface that makes it very easy to create stunning and high aesthetic visuals, effects, and videos in a short time frame. This guide is tailored in a way that it assists you to reverse a video in Alight Motion, if you still have any queries related to Alight Motion then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide a suitable solution to your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Alight Motion makes every possible effort to provide you same quality outputs after reversing a video.

Yes, you can reverse the background music or vocals as well, while following the steps you just have to select the layer having the music.

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