Are you stuck while choosing the best video editor between Alight Motion Vs Capcut? Then stop worrying anymore. We will cover all the important features of both apps to give you a clear vision of which one to choose. If you are looking for a showdown between Alight Motion Vs Capcut then this guide will help you decide which one is best for you!

Alight Motion Vs Capcut

Introduction to Alight Motion Vs Capcut

Capcut is a complete video editing tool developed by the famous company Tiktok, which has all the necessary editing options like video splitting, trimming, masking, etc.

Alight Motion Pro APK is more of an animation and effects-creating tool with basic tools for video editing. It may have fewer editing tools, but it provides tons of animations and drawing options.

Comparison W.R.T Main Features

There are multiple ways to make an Alight Motion Vs Capcut comparison and today they will be head to head on the basis of their outstanding features, so without further ado let’s dive straightly into it and see who comes on top if they go head to head in video editing features:

Visual effects

Capcut is way ahead in its visual effects game, as it provides more than 600 free visual effects to use in your video. On the other hand, alight motion has only 140 effects, and some of them are only available in premium packages.

In alight motion, you can choose between many transition effects and modify the fundamental module to step up your editing game. A colour-correction feature is also available, which is similar to colour grading, and it will add more spice to your projects.

Capcut can combine many images to form a video and gives plenty of options in effects to apply to your video, like retro comic effects, dreamy, split-screen and so on.

Keyframes or Shapes

  • Alight motion is ahead in the game when it comes to shapes. It has plenty of options to choose from, and you can easily modify these shapes by changing their size and location dynamically.
  • You can easily change the speed and movement of animation by using a graph curve. This option is available in keyframes.
  • Capcut also provides such features, but they are not as advanced as in Alight Motion. However, Capcut offers more than 4,000 static shapes to use in your video project.

Multiple layers

Alight motion allows you to add multiple layers to your project with all the effects and motions to use in these layers. With little effort you can learn to add layers to Alight Motion and you will be able to create highly detailed content. You don’t need any PC to do this level of professional video editing if you have light motion. On the other hand, capcut also offers multiple layers, but the animations and advanced effects are not available there.

Export formats

Alight Motion offers multiple export options once your video is ready to showcase to the world. It is more flexible in terms of export formats as it provides many options like MP4 and XML for videos. You can even export a still image or any effects which you applied on video separately in formats JPEG, GIF or PNG and share your Alight Motion Project with your friends.

Capcut has a unique feature of exporting the video project in 4K with 60 frames per second, which is by far one of the highest resolutions. It also provides an early idea of how big your file can be.

Font styles

Alight Motion has hundreds of free font styles to use in videos, and you can easily change their size, shape and color, it also allow you to import and add stylish Hindi fonts to your videos. But the real beauty of this app lies in its effects. 

It shows the effects of the selected font to use in the video, which will give you the opportunity to animate your text fonts in many ways. Some options are only available in premium packages. We also have shadow, text fill and blending options.

Capcut comes with 100 amazing fonts, and you can change their capacity, background and size. Capcut also provides 175 motion effects, 240 bubble designs and 300 text effects.

Other Features of Alight Motion Vs Capcut

Both apps provide a timeline option to edit with more freedom, but the Alight Motion is a leader here. You can add multiple layers of text, effects and sounds to your video.


Both provide audio options, but capcut gives you access to the Tiktok library. It also provides 500 free audio options. Moreover, you can record and add your voice to it. Alight motion only supports audio from the device. Alight Motion allows you to extract audio from a video and use it for your projects or you can also export that audio and add it to your playlist.


We can generate auto-captions from videos or lyrics using Capcut, and this option is only available in Capcut. We can generate captions in around 15 languages. As far as the Alight Motion is concerned you can add captions to your Alight Motion video by exploring some indirect ways.


Alight motion is advanced in drawing options, as you can draw with freehand and vector options. This allows you to create drawings with a brush, and it comes with different brush sizes, colors and erasers. The vector option allows you to create different shapes, and you can combine different shapes to create unique ones. 

Ease of use

Overall, Alight Motion is a bit difficult to use as compared to capcut because it gives more options to the user. Capcut is simple, easy and beginner-friendly. But once you get familiar with any video editing tool, you can use both of them without any issues.


Although both apps are free to download and use, you can have in-app purchases. Free versions will have some limited functionality such as a watermark will appear on the finalized project of Alight Motion, but there are ways to remove watermark in Alight Motion. Alight Motion has a premium option, which may cost around 2.98$ a month, or you can avail of a yearly subscription for 18.37$.

Final Thoughts

As I discussed earlier, capcut is a video editing tool, and Alight Motion is more into animations with video editing tools also. So, if you want animations and effects, go for Alight Motion. But if you want strong video editing, the capcut is for you. It will give you simple-to-use options and a fast-track editing process.

Alight Motion and Capcut both are amazing tools but if you ask me, I would choose Alight Motion because of it’s stunting effects and amazing tools for animations. If you are hesitant to try Alight Motion just because of the price factor then you can explore ways to get free membership of Alight Motion.


As we made a well-rounded comparison of Alight Motion Vs Capcut, you may have a clear vision now on which one to choose for yourself. In the world of video editing in smartphones, there are so many options now available on the market. They all offer many unique features in their own way. Now, it all depends on the user and what he wants to do and which features is he looking for! If you want to use animations, then Alight Motion is best for you, but if you are a casual video editor, go for Capcut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Capcut and Alight Motion are available on both platforms. 

Capcut is more beginner-friendly as compared to Alight Motion due to its simple user interface and fewer features.

Both of these apps are free to download and use. But in the case of Alight Motion, you have to buy the premium package, which costs you around 2.98$ monthly, and a yearly subscription goes up to 18.37$.

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