Digital content creation is growing at the fastest pace because of its high demand and more internet users. To keep up with the latest advancements and be the best at what you do, you have to choose a best video editing partner from Alight Motion Vs Adobe Premiere Pro.

If we want to make amazing video content, we need a best-in-class video editor. Today, we will discuss two of the leading video editors available in the video editing world. Alight Motion and Adobe Premiere Pro are basically based on two different platforms, but their ultimate motive is to help you turn your creativity into stunning visuals.

Alight Motion Mod APK is mobile-based video editing software that is easily available for iOS and Android. It is also available for PC but not as capable as its mobile version. On the other hand, Premiere Pro is a very advanced video editing tool compared to Alight Motion, but it is only available for PCs. It is an industry-level tool used in moviemaking studios to create a masterpiece.

Alight Motion Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Alight Motion and its Features

Alight Motion is one of the amazing tools for video editing available right now. It has a plenty of features and functions to edit and design complex animations in your videos. You don’t need to have a PC for your professional animations anymore, as you have all the power in your palm.

You can also look for interesting comparisons of Alight Motion Vs Power Director or Alight Motion Vs Motion Ninja to make sure that you are making a right decision. Alight Motion features all the necessary video tools with a library of visual effects, transitions and animations. Let’s discuss some of its notable features.

Vector Graphics

This feature is only available in Alight Motion among these two; it allows you to create amazing vector animation by using its creative tools; later on, you can use them in your video projects. You can easily change their shapes and depth and put life into them by using animation tools. It will create smooth and scalable visual graphics.

Color Adjustment

A film is made up of so many emotions and feelings; colors are the most important part of any video to give the emotional touch. With an advanced color grading tool in Alight motion, you can change colors at any part of your project, from basic color change to high-end color grading.

Impressive Functions

Alight Motion has tons of features for video editing, which will allow you to edit videos from the basic to the professional level. It provides a smooth and seamless editing experience. You can Trim, cut and merge different videos easily; we can apply stunning motion graphics and a large number of filters and overlays.

Keyframe Animations

By using the keyframe animation tool, you can create smooth and stunning animations because you can add time and increase the frames of your animations with the help of velocity editing feature. It gives an edge to Alight Motion in animations. Whatever you create in Alight Motion, you can save it in the library and use it later on other projects.

Blending Modes

Among many unique features offered by Alight Motion, Blending has its value. You can blend layers into layers and add smooth transitions between them. It will allow you to create seamless visual effects, DJ effect of Alight Motion is one of the famous and trendy effect nowadays.

Adobe Premiere Pro and its Features

Suppose Adobe is an industry leader in terms of creating professional video editing tools, then it’s not a wrong statement. Adobe has plenty of functions for us to bring our imagination into reality. Adobe Premiere Pro is also one of them.

These kind of comparisons gives the user a clear image of what are they getting and what they have to loose by selecting a certain software, such as Alight Motion Vs VN is a hot comparison and many people look to compare Alight Motion Vs Inshot before choosing an editor for their daily usage.

These tools are used in making professional movies and require special skills to master. From editing high-resolution raw footage to green background effects, it has everything a professional video editor may need. Let’s discuss the important features of Adobe Premiere Pro:

Interpret Footage

This feature will show us why Adobe Premiere Pro is the leader here. If you have uploaded footage for editing in Premiere Pro, which has a lower frame rate as compared to other clips you added, which may be at higher frame rates. Adobe will fill the frame rate gap between these clips without any glitches in the footage, and you will get a smooth video product with the same frame rate throughout the video.

Auto Color Correction

Although it offers most of its features in manual mode if you want to edit your footage quickly, then you can use auto color correction, which may not be perfect because it will not affect white balance, and you have to do it manually, but still it can save your time in quick edits.

Comparison View

Premiere Pro offers you a comparison mode where you can compare different effects and color gradings before and after. You can apply any changes to your footage and see both videos showing up side by side. This will help you in getting a clear idea about what changes you are making and what they will look like.

Auto Reframe

This is one of the most popular features offered by Premiere Pro. It will focus on your main object and keep it in the frame. Either your video is in the landscape, or you want to edit it in a 1:1 ratio for Instagram or 9:16 for Snapchat or TikTok. You will not need to adjust the aspect ratio of your video manually, It will do it automatically. This feature is useful for social media content.

Adobe Dynamic Link

This feature is newly introduced by Adobe to save your time and to increase the smoothness of workflow. Suppose you are editing something in Adobe Premiere Pro and linking it with Adobe After Effects. Whatever you will do in After Effects will be applied to Premiere Pro as well.

Alight Motion Vs Adobe Premiere Pro: Price Comparison

Alight Motion is free to download and free to use for limited features and you also have to look for ways to remove the watermark on your videos. If you want to use premium features, then you have to unlock them by paying 3.99 per month or 29.99 for one year subscription plan. On the other hand, Premiere Pro has a price tag of 20.99 per month or 52.99 for all cloud apps offered by Adobe.

Video Comparison


As we have discussed Alight Motion Vs Adobe Premiere Pro in detail and you will have a clear idea of which suites you better. If you are a power user but want all the professional tools for animation and video editing in your hand to edit your videos anywhere, then go for Alight Motion. It has a tough learning curve to master for beginners and is difficult for beginners but you can learn to use Alight Motion and be a PRO at creating stunning visuals in a short time period.

If you are a professional filmmaker and work on larger studios and projects, Premiere Pro is your choice as it offers all the industry standard features. But using Premiere Pro is not easy as you have to learn to use it properly which may take some extra time. It will take time to learn, but it’s worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Adobe Premiere Pro is loaded with more features and capabilities as it is desktop-first software, and Alight Motion is mobile preferred software.

Yes, you can use it, but the mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro is not feature-rich and capable.

Both of these are capable of creating amazing visual effects, but for complex visual effects, Adobe Premiere Pro is better.

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