In this digitally advanced era, content creation is becoming more and more popular. Things are getting spiced up due to a lot of video editing options available on mobile devices. You can perform almost anything related to content creation on your mobile devices. If you are wondering which option to choose between Alight Motion Vs Inshot then this guide will be a helping hand for you.

You don’t need to sit on a chair for hours or a high-end computers to complete your projects. Mobile apps have changed the game as you can edit, animate, and add visual effects while sitting anywhere you want. They offer tons of unique and helpful features in your palm.

Two of the best options available on the market are Alight Motion Vs Inshot. Both of them are capable of doing all the necessary tasks required of a content creator. In this article, we will discuss their features and differences deeply so you can choose one that suits you well.

Alight Motion Vs Inshot

Introduction to Alight Motion and Inshot

There are multiple options available for video editing and animations that could confuse a new person and one could think which option matches their requirement, so you must be explore some guides like Alight Motion Vs Capcut or Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster to compare these available applications and choose the one that meets your needs.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion Mod APK has a huge number of features to fulfill the requirements of professional content creators. If you are into animations, then Alight Motion can bring your dreams to reality with its advanced animation features. You can create and modify complex animations and visual effects, one of the famous effect is the DJ effect of Alight Motion; even we can draw custom animations and vectors to use in our projects. If you are more of a hybrid content creator and need both video editing and animation tools, then Alight Motion is the best in its class.

However, it is not that user-friendly because it offers a plethora of features that are difficult to learn for beginners, it has a steep learning curve as you need to give a lot of time to master Alight motion. If you are completely new to video editing, then you can go for Inshot because of its friendly user interface.

As far as price is concerned, there’s good news: Alight Motion offers both paid and free versions. The free version has almost all the basic tools for video editing but you have to bear bear the irritating watermark in Alight Motion videos, and you have to pay money to unlock the full potential. Don’t worry; it will not hit hard on your pocket. The monthly subscription is only 2.98, and the yearly subscription is 18.37. If you are a complete beginner and can’t even pay for this small amount then you could also explore ways to get free membership of Alight Motion.


Inshot is a very simple tool as compared to Alight motion. It is very easy to use and learn, plus it offers all the important tools for editing. You can trim, cut, and add transitions to your video with a wide range of music libraries available to add a beautiful touch to videos. It may not have those advanced animation features as compared to Alight Motion, but if you want a good quick editor, then Inshot can take up space on your phone.

Because of it’s extremely user-friendliness, anyone can use it; either you have experience in video editing or you are completely new to it. You can simply download it and start editing your videos. It has a lot fewer options than Alight Motion, but you do not need to invest your time in learning in shot.

In pricing, it’s similar to Alight Motion as it has a free version to use, but your projects will have a watermark on it. You have to buy the premium features to remove the watermark and unlock more features. The in-app purchases vary from 0.50 $ to 148.99 $.

Comparison Table of Alight Motion Vs Inshot

Alight MotionInshot
Intuitive interfaceSimple and easy to use
Suitable for both professionals and beginnersBeginner friendly but also for professionals
Advance features like keyframe, Vector GraphicsExtensive Tools and Effects
Keyframe AnimationsFilters, Transitions, Stickers
Custom effects like famous DJ EffectVoiceover and audio editing
Layer based editingMultilayer support
Effects and presets librarySpeed control and slow motion
Professional motion graphicsSocial media sharing
HD video exportsMultiple aspect ratio
Export in various formatsResolution up to 4k
Alight Motion Vs Inshot Comparison Table

Comparison Video of Alight Motion Vs Inshot

Comparison on the basis of Features

Now you must be having an idea of common and distinctive aspects of Alight Motion Vs Inshot, to get a better idea of what option is best for you then you could also explore Alight Motion Vs After Effects. Let’s explore a comparison of Alight Motion Vs Inshot on the basis of some features:

Performance and Special Effects

In-shot takes the lead in the performance sector as it is lighter and has faster rendering. it’s due to its fewer editing options and no complex animations. On the other hand, Alight Motion is a professional and heavy-duty software. It has an edge while performing in-depth video editing and visual effects, but yes, rendering speed is slow in Alight Motion.

Alight Motion has a huge collection of different assets like transitions, effects, 3D animations, and vectors, which will help you create amazing videos and animation renders. You can also create your custom vectors.  

Inshot also features an assets library but not advanced options such as alight motion. You have many transitions and animation effects available in the gallery. No, they have added AI effects and background-changing features, which will allow you to transform videos into 3D videos and put any background you want.

Audio and Exporting Features

Both of this software are different in audio editing as Alight Motion offers very simple audio editing tools. Alight Motion doesn’t feature any music or audio library, and even though there is no option to record your voiceover in the app, your only option is to import from the device. In short, has a huge music library where you can choose different music and audio effects. We can record voiceover in InShot easily and then use it in our project.

Alight Motion has various export options with high resolutions like XML and MP4 formats, so your video looks HD and sharp even on bigger displays. Inshot don’t have that much power as alight motion, but you can directly upload a video to social media. This feature makes it more friendly to young content creators and social media enthusiasts.


In this war of video editing apps, they both stand out with their unique features. But you are the one now who will decide what caters to your needs better. If you are a power user with video editing skills, then go for Alight Motion. But if you are a beginner and looking for a simple yet reliable option, then choose Inshot. It is best for content creators and social media enthusiasts so they can generate content easily and fast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, both Alight Motion and InShot are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Alight Motion is the best choice for creating complex animations and professional-grade effects.

No, InShot does not offer a free trial of its premium features. You have to purchase the premium version to unlock all the features.

Yes, InShot allows you to export videos in 4K resolution.

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