Are you new to video editing and keep on hearing about masking and have you wondered how To Mask On Alight Motion? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Masking is one of the advanced features of video editing and one of the most talked about topics recently. I was also curious about masking and when I used this feature I was amazed by the endless opportunities that this feature brings.

Have you seen movies or videos where a person does two different roles? Like in the “JUDWA” Movie, where the lead actor is playing two roles at the same time? Have you ever wondered how that is possible? Well here comes the concept of Masking, they used the masking feature to show us two different layers at the same time. They shoot two different scenes with the same actor and they mask those two clips into one video clip. In this article, I will guide you through each and every detail of Masking, from its introduction to tips to master it.

How To Mask On Alight Motion

What is masking?

Masking is one of the advanced video editing techniques that gives you the liberty to hide, reveal, modify, or duplicate any part of your video or image with the help of a mask. The mask is a layer of your own choice acting as a barrier to hide or show certain parts according to your instructions. The main concept behind masking is to create visually engaging content where you can add two or more layers and customize the foreground or background of your video. A mask could be an image, text animation, or a video on top of another video.

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding first get familiar with two concepts, “to be masked” and a “mask”, To be masked is the background layer and a mask will be anything that will be used to hide or modify that background layer. To understand the concept of masking in detail we have to learn about the types of masking and their practicality, First, let’s talk about the type of Masking.

Shape Masks

It is the basic masking type where you use basic geometrical shapes like rectangles, circles, squares, etc. to act as a mask. You can adjust the size, shape, color, and similar aspects of the shape mask to achieve the desired results.

Alpha Masks

Alpha masks are also called soft masks based on Alpha Channels of elements like videos or images. They are used for separating fine elements like hair, fur, or smoke. These masks are more complex and irregular in shape and sometimes they could be drawn on alpha channels and then exported later on.

You can see the representation of Alpha masks in e-commerce stores or websites where products and catalogs are separated from the background with the help of Alpha masks.

Luma Masks

Luma words came from Luminance, as it uses brightness or luminance value to determine the masking visibility. Darker areas of the media and considered to be more transparent or you can say less visible (could be referred to as background) and brighter areas of the media and more visible (could be referred to as mask).

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Uses of Masking

The basic use of masking is to add text, images, or animations on the videos to create info-graphics. You could enhance your content by storytelling using text, adding branding elements, or creating context as well.

You can isolate certain elements of your content and add emphasis on another element, this could help you to increase engagement, luma masks could be used to isolate certain elements based on how brighter or darker those elements are.

You can add a mask in a specific part of the media, you can add color correction to a certain part of the media and you can add blur to another part of the same scene. You could add emphasis to certain parts of the scenes using this technique and control your audience’s attention.

How To Mask On Alight Motion: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can use the Masking feature in Alight Motion Mod APK using this step-by-step guide. Try to follow each step carefully:

  • Firstly make sure you have downloaded the Alight Motion mod APK from here and install it by following the guide
  • After you have installed the Alight Motion, open the app on your mobile device and sign in to your account
  • Now select a background for your project, you could use a background from Alight Motion or you can export it as well
  • Now add the first layer by clicking on the + sign, it could be an image or a video, this will be the layer “to be masked”.
  • Now add a second layer, to do that select the first two layers and click the “layers” button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • You could add an image, video, animation, or anything that you want to use as a mask, this layer should be on top of the layers as you want this layer to show as a mask.
  • Make sure that both of the layers have the same time duration or if you want to add multiple masks or a mask for a short time frame you could adjust it in the layering panel
  • Now we have to mask these layers, click on three dots at the right upper corner, and from the dropdown choose “Create masking group”.
  • You have successfully masked these layers in the Alight Motion Mod APK, you can also share an Alight Motion Project with your friends and teams.

You can also get Alight Motion APK for iOS as well!

Video Tutorial to Add Mask in Alight Motion

Tips to get better at Masking

Tip 1:

When you are masking a high-quality project, the speed of your cursor usually gets slow, which can be irritating sometimes and affects the productivity of the project, let me give you a simple solution for this:

  • Firstly copy the clip that you want to mask, you can copy it from within the Alight Motion Interface.
  • Now go back and create a new element and set the resolution of the new element to “540p”, then click on “create element”.
  • Paste the previous clip you copied in the first step
  • Click on three dots at the top right and click on “fit to screen” option
  • Now click on “+” option and select vector drawings and your speed is restored

If you mistakenly masked outside of the screen then follow this procedure:

  • Click on the + option and select the rectangle shape
  • Click on three dots and select “stretch to screen” 
  • Adjust the scale, disable the mask layer
  • Go to the original project and select that element, select fit to screen > select unlink from element > Ungroup
  • Delete rectangle shape > Activate all layers > There will be two similar layers, delete the duplicate layer 
  • Now select two layers and select Masking Group

Tip 2:

If you can’t what you are masking because of the green color, you can simply deactivate the mask layer from the left side of the screen and after selecting the area to be masked you must activate the mask layer.

Tip 3:

Add Keyframe for all points:

Some people add a keyframe for each point separately, instead of doing this you can select the whole area and then click on add a keyframe. This way you don’t have to add it for each point separately.

Tip 4:

If you want to smooth your masking edges then add the Feather effect or Gaussian Blur Effect or you can also use the Mate Choker Effect to get smother edges.  

These are some of the tips you can use to add quality to your work, You will get better by practicing and you could also bookmark this website to get quality information related to Alight Motion Mod APK.

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Masking is the best way to add user engagement to your content and it provides you a freedom to control the attention of your audience and direct them wherever you want. Masking has changed the content industry and its advanced techniques are still creating wonders, Its practical uses have a lot of applications and you could consider Alight Motion APK as a starting point. If you want to learn more about Alight Motion and its advanced features then you should stay connected to this website or you should bookmark it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Simply put Masking is a technique used to hide, duplicate, modify, or reveal certain parts of your media for specific reasons.

Some common examples of Masking are the representation of products and catalogs in e-commerce stores. Some more examples include showing texts and images on a video.

Yes, Alight Motion offers you many advanced features like Masking.

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